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Some time ago I came across an article on circumcision and foreskin restoration. I had never heard of restoration before and was amazed at what I read. As one of the thousands who had been done at birth as a matter of routine, I had almost blindly accepted the reasons of hygienic necessity as being sufficient justification for the practice of circumcision. Somehow, the myth that “uncircumcised” was less than clean, was well entrenched in my peer group and the idea that tone would ever want to regain a foreskin was foreign. I cannot ever remember hearing anyone expressing regret that they had been done let alone wanting to reconstruct!

I found the article challenging enough but it was a statement made that sex for cut men is far less wonderful, that really took my attention. Like most other circumcised men, I had always held the belief that sex was great and the idea that it could be better, unthinkable! There in front of me for the first time, was the suggestion that “if cut men knew what they were missing out on, they would storm the hospitals and make sure the practice of circumcision was stopped forever!” It was strong stuff and I was further intrigued to learn that it is possible to regain a great deal of the previously lost sensation, by re-growing a foreskin in a nonsurgical procedure. Further investigation leads me to talk with some other men who had gone through the regeneration process and it was their common experience of greater sexual sensation that finally convinced me to give it a go myself!

I was at first very “low key” about the whole thing, as I thought my friends would think I was a little strange, but I gained confidence quickly as the results became apparent in a relatively short space of time and they were little short of amazing! They were sufficient to give me new insight into what I had been missing all those years and gave me a determination to continue the process.  Within just a few weeks, the whole sensation in the head of my penis had started to change and it was already becoming more sensitive. There was an unmistakable tendency for the newly forming skin to hug the top of the penis and it seemed that my body was responding, anxious to be whole again. The physical changes also brought a surge of emotion that is not as easy to describe. With the delight at the greatly heightened sensitivity and sensations also came the negative emotions. I felt like a man who had been robbed years ago and hadn’t known about it! 

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With this realization, also came a certain amount of anger at everyone from my parents for having had me done, to the hospital, the doctor and even society for condoning “blanket circumcision in the first place!” I wanted to sue the lot of them! In ignorance, they had taken away something that is a vital part of my being and my birthright. What-is-more, they did this without my consent! I am nearly fifty years old now, and can only take comfort in the fact that at least I found out about restoration now before even more years went by! Another positive aspect is that I now have the confidence to be able to tell other men about this because one thing is certain- as one who has been on both sides of the fence, there is no comparison! Restoration works and the rewards are almost certainly far greater than you might imagine. I urge any man who has been circumcised, who wants to enjoy heightened sensitivity and better sex etc, to seriously consider foreskin restoration as a practical option to get back what should never have be en taken away in the first place!

For a long time, I persisted experimenting with many methods. While there is a similarity with many of them I found that the tape methods are by far the easiest to maintain comfortably for long periods. Experimentation and testing various techniques led me to discover a system that radically enhances the whole procedure and therefore, achieves faster results. From the time I started to use these techniques, my whole progress took a leap forward. I have now put these techniques into my own Speedy Restore System, and I am delighted now to be able to help others and hear from men who are getting better and faster results by using my system.

The process of foreskin restoration is not a thing that can be achieved overnight, but it is highly rewarding to those who decide to persevere. As many other restored men will attest, it is a small price to pay for a great reward. For those that do, it is a life-enhancing experience!

I hope that this information has given you new insight into this wonderful process.  I know I found it quite strange at first- after all, who could imagine a process whereby one can not only re-grow a body part but also improve one’s sensual function in the process? Foreskin restoration is remarkably unique!

< FONT FACE=”Times New Roman,Times,Times NewRoman”>Should you decide you would like to restore, may I remind you of the complimentary membership of the Online Private Room, which comes with The Speedy Restore System. In the Private Room, you will find the Chat Room, as well as articles, contributions from members, and the picture gallery! Men who decide to restore are embarking on a journey of discovery. Many will want to share their experiences with others and in the Chat room, they can do so anonymously, if they wish.

Finally, I would like to thank your inquiry and I hope that it may lead you to experience the wonders of Foreskin Restoration! Those who do will find out why so many of us are saying it’s one of the best decisions we have ever made!

I wish you well,


Grant Jarrett


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