A Pill That Boost A Women’s Sex Drive


Sildenafil – sold under the trade name “Viagra” – might be the most well-known pill on the the market, and while almost everyone knows that it’s used to treat sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, not everyone knows how it works. Viagra does not cause sexual arousal in men. It only works if the man is aroused, and, in that case, it helps that arousal along by managing the chemistry, that causes a man to get erection. Specifically, it maintains the levels of messenger cyclic guanosine monophosphate that stimulates erectile tissue.

But sexual dysfunction works a little differently for women. Though some are physical, many female sexual disorders come down to mental and emotional factors leading to disinterest in sex and an overall low sex drive, properly called hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Arousal and disinterest in sex are still somewhat unknown to scientists, although they do know that the brain’s circuitry is involved.


One theory is that low libdo results from an inability to switch off the frontal parts of the brain that manage everyday tasks, mundane things like remembering to go to the post office or resolve a problem at work. With these frontal parts switched on, the reward circuitry that managed motivation and pleasure are left inhibited. And this means women can’t really get into sex. But there’s a weird silver lining.

The female viagra pill is called Flibanserin, and it’s currently pending approval by the FDA. Flibanserin was designed as an antidepressant, but while women in a clinical trial didn’t notice a change in mood; they did find themselves more interested in sex. It was dropped as an antidepressant and refocused to treat women’s waning libido.


This drug, it seems, tweaks the balance of key neurotransmitters dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin, either normalising levels or compensating for imbalances to bring these circuits back to optimal levels, disengage the frontal circuits that inhibit sex drive. And while the women who tried it didn’t see a massive result, they still noticed a positive trend.

Of course, measuring an improvement is pretty hard. It seems women don’t have a lot of sex on average, just three times per month. During the trial, women on Flibanserin had about 2.5 sexual events in four weeks while women not on the drug with low sex drive had just one and a half sexual event per month.

There are other factors that affect a woman’s sex drive, like self-esteem issues and disinterest in a relationship, and these aren’t necessarily things that should be dealt with medically. And sex drive does wane with age though this does vary between individuals. Some women experience a marked drop in sex drive after menopause while others may experience a renewed sexual awakening. But if a younger woman is in an otherwise loving relationship, Flibanserin, if it passes by the FDA, could be the boon for women that Viagra has been for men.

How To Enhance Breasts With Oil Massage

I want to tell you how you can enlarge your breast size doing breast massage with oil. I use a certain kind of oil, and it is made of different oils and herbs that are actually used in breast enlargement supplements. But this is obviously something that you use topically. So it is not only beneficial in enlarging your breasts but it is also good for your skin because it makes it nice and soft.

I am going to show you how you can do the breast massage. You can use the oil, or you can just use lotion or whatever you want. But in my opinion it would e beneficial to you something that actually helps to speed the process along.

Now I want to tell you the exact technique that you are going to be using to massage your boobs in order to get larger breasts. You have to do this for at least one month. You have to do it every single day; you have to do it in the morning and at night time. If you skip then obviously, it is going to take longer in order to get to where you are. But if you do it for one month straight, within one or two months some people can notice the change like one full cup size that they get increased. So it well worth it, if you can stick to it. It is not hard; it is just massaging so I/m sure everybody can do it.


The first thing that you should do is you need to take your breast oil, and you should rub it in your hands really well. Then you should do three different motions. You should do 100 of each. So the first one that you should do is a circular motion, which is going to last for two seconds for each circle. You should start at the ends and you should going inwards and then back out again. So that it is going to be one full motion, from one second to two seconds. So one motion and that is something that you can do 100 times.

Also, another thing that people tend to do is that they push down on their breasts, so you obviously don;t want long breasts. You shouldn’t push down on them. Just do it firmly, sort of push them into your body not exactly too hard. But it is not like you are going downwards either. So you are going inwards but you are just not pushing down on them.

Penis Size Does Matter

It has been known that men are used to dream to have bigger penis since long ago. Does penis size matters? For many men, the answer for this question is probably yes. The average men still think that the penis size is strongly important in their life. It’s natural that men will always have interest in their penis size. Men will naturally have an obsession for having a big penis. To get such a larger penis, you can attempt various ways. In this article I’ll give you some recommendations about some popular enhancement methods.

Natural Ways


There’re some different answers to this question. If you want to take the natural method, you can choose the weight loss. This way is proven to be effective and safe to enhance your penis size. By losing your weight, the hidden shaft which is previously buried beneath the belly fat will be revealed. The weight loss doesn’t increase your penis size, but it will make your penis look longer. You can do some regular sports or do exercise at the gym.

You can also take the instant way like doing surgery. You can do liposuction of the fat pad around your penis. But, you need to change your diet and maintain the healthy lifestyle as well in to keep your bigger penis size.

Penis Pump


You can try to use vacuum pump. This is basically the cylinder that sucks out the air. You need to stick your penis in the pump. The vacuum will draw extra blood into it and make your penis erect and bigger. To keep the blood from flowing back to your body, you can clamp your penis with tight ring. The disadvantage of this method is it will not last longer. This effect will only last as long as you clamp the ring around your penis. The safe duration in using this pump is only 20 – 30 minutes.

Penis enlargement surgery


This method is so popular and effective. The penis enlargement surgery was firstly done as the treatment for men who have the abnormal penis because of the injury and accident. Now, it’s used as cosmetic surgery to enhance your penis size. The main benefit of this enlargement surgery is the bigger penis. You’ll get more length or width of your penis. The bigger penis will also give more confident for some people. Some men also find that big penis will give extra masculinity. It will also boost their sex appeals. And for some men, the bigger penis will give the happier life. However, it still has some risks.

The Best Penis Pumps In 2015


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Good Quality and Best Effects

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Affordable Cost


It is true that you will be able to get this product with affordable cost. By spending less money to buy this product, there is nothing that you need to worry. As long as you use this type of product right now, you will find the best advantage of it. In addition, since the cost is not that expensive, you will be able to buy it anytime you want.

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In addition, penis pump has been known by many people in the world. All men have known about the presence of this product. Some of them decide to buy it and try it. After that, they can see the best effect occur in their body. You can also realize that this best option of product can provide you with satisfaction effects in an instant.

Long Durability


With high quality of material to be used to create this product, you can find that penis pump is the best option of product that you can use for long time. It has long durability that you need. If you have good option of product like this, you can finally able to feel enjoyable with it. Don’t hesitate to choose this best option of product from now on. You will get the best effect as fast as possible.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Drugs for erectile dysfunction, is it safe? How do they work?

By now most people heard about drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. And these drugs, of course, are used to treat erectile dysfunction. What are the possible side effects that may occur? Are there any natural alternatives that people could use if they are not ready to use drugs like these so quickly.

Here’s how Viagra works exactly. In order to have an erection under normal arousal, the blood vessels, and the genitalia secret nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps to create a molecule called cyclic GMP. And it is cyclic GMP that actually causes the opening of the blood vessels and dilation of the blood vessels, so more blood can flow o the genitalia. And that is how you get an erection. So what Viagra does is it inhibits the enzymes that would normally break down the cyclic GMP. That is how it is working. So if you do not break down the cyclic GMP then you maintain it, then the last dilation longer and the erection is firmer because it is more blood there and can last longer. Penis pills review sites link bestratedpills.com


The problem is that dilation effect – the opening of the blood vessels – does not seem occur just in the genitalia, it can cause it to occur in other blood vessels in the body. So if a lot of blood vessels open up all at once, your blood pressure will drop suddenly. When that happens, the heart starts reacting and sometimes it will start to flutter and go into fibrillation and could lead to some cardiovascular complications.

So what else does medicine have to offer? Well, sometimes the medical doctor will recommend testosterone replacement – therapy to bring virility back. But if you have some prostate cancer cells already in your prostate gland, putting testosterone could be like putting fertilizers. And they start to grow and divide and multiply ans spread. And now we have clinically important prostate cancer.

One of the most under appreciated treatments for erectile dysfunction ar any degree is natural herbs that have been proven in clinical studies to work. They are completely safe and very effective. And when you get a combination of these herbs together in a single supplement they can:


  • increase blood flow to the genitalia
  • increase sensitivity of the genitalia for easier arousal
  • increase libido and sexual desire

There are clinical studies to prove this.