Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Drugs for erectile dysfunction, is it safe? How do they work?

By now most people heard about drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. And these drugs, of course, are used to treat erectile dysfunction. What are the possible side effects that may occur? Are there any natural alternatives that people could use if they are not ready to use drugs like these so quickly.

Here’s how Viagra works exactly. In order to have an erection under normal arousal, the blood vessels, and the genitalia secret nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps to create a molecule called cyclic GMP. And it is cyclic GMP that actually causes the opening of the blood vessels and dilation of the blood vessels, so more blood can flow o the genitalia. And that is how you get an erection. So what Viagra does is it inhibits the enzymes that would normally break down the cyclic GMP. That is how it is working. So if you do not break down the cyclic GMP then you maintain it, then the last dilation longer and the erection is firmer because it is more blood there and can last longer. Penis pills review sites link


The problem is that dilation effect – the opening of the blood vessels – does not seem occur just in the genitalia, it can cause it to occur in other blood vessels in the body. So if a lot of blood vessels open up all at once, your blood pressure will drop suddenly. When that happens, the heart starts reacting and sometimes it will start to flutter and go into fibrillation and could lead to some cardiovascular complications.

So what else does medicine have to offer? Well, sometimes the medical doctor will recommend testosterone replacement – therapy to bring virility back. But if you have some prostate cancer cells already in your prostate gland, putting testosterone could be like putting fertilizers. And they start to grow and divide and multiply ans spread. And now we have clinically important prostate cancer.

One of the most under appreciated treatments for erectile dysfunction ar any degree is natural herbs that have been proven in clinical studies to work. They are completely safe and very effective. And when you get a combination of these herbs together in a single supplement they can:


  • increase blood flow to the genitalia
  • increase sensitivity of the genitalia for easier arousal
  • increase libido and sexual desire

There are clinical studies to prove this.