Q.  When one stops stretching, will the skin shrink back to normal over time?

A.  No. While we often refer to the procedure as “stretching” we are actually growing new cells. As the existing cells are roughly square shaped, with rounded edges, they are stretched or elongated in the process, to become more oval-like at first, so it will seem as though the growth is a little more rapid than it really is. As these cells return to their normal square shape, one can expect a seeming shrinkage overall of about 10- 20%  but the new cells will have formed as well so this is as much shrinkage as one can expect.


Hey Fred you know how you said to increase the tension…

Q. Is the process dangerous?

A.  No. U nless you are one of the people who suffer from one of the conditions mentioned under the sub- heading, “Is it safe?” you can be quietly confident that your doctor will give you the “all clear” to go ahead.  Of course it is always wise to check with your doctor before attempting any life changing procedure! It also helps doctors to be made aware that foreskin restoration is a reality, which may in turn lead them to helping other men. In short, the more men know about it, the better!

Q. Is it painful?

A.  Not at all. If it is, you are doi ng it wrong- either you have taped too tightly or you are applying far too much tension. Tension is fine, but pain is a sure sign that something is radically wrong and will necessitate you remove all tape at once and investigate or see a physician.

Q. What will my penis look like when I am finished restoration?

A. It will look exactly like an uncut one. As the skin is thicker than ordinary foreskin, it may at first have a slightly meatier look to it, particularly towards the end of the penis. Over time, it is usual for the skin to thin right down with no visible difference between a natural penis and a restored one! Such are the wonders of the human body! The only outward evidence that you were once a fully cut man, will be the missing attachment called the frenulum which normally attaches t he foreskin to the underside of the penis behind theglans.

Q. What is the growth rate I can expect?

A. Although it can vary from individual to individual, a good rate of growth is approximately one sixteenth of an inch per 24 hour period! One cannot hurry up the processes of nature beyond a certain point. A constant light tension will allow the skin to create new cells, naturally.

Q. Do you have to take the tape off every time you go to the bathroom?

A. No. The tape can be easily opened at the top to allow one to urinate without having tore- tape.

Q. What happens if you get an erection while taped up?

A.   This is not a problem. The wo rst thing that can happen is that slightly more pressure can be placed towards the top end of the penis, but there is plenty of room for the penis to expand without discomfort.

Q. Will my penis gain extra length?

A. After restoring for some time, some men will experience an increase in length. Whilst most men d on’t have a problem with gaining extra length, they do frequently express concern that the gains of extra skin coverage may be lost because of it. It seems that time and continuing restoration will easily out-grow any extra length that may be created.

Q. Can I do this discretely and can I be assured of no embarrassing moments?

A. Absolutely! No-one need ever know that you are restoring. The tape method is socially safe in that it can’t crash to the floor like weights. The worst thing that can happen is if the tape or strap pulls free, it will remain trapped in one’s underclothing.

Q.  Does this mean I am going to have difficulties with hygiene?

A.  Not at all. It is because of this type of thinking that we have ended up in this situation in the first place. The penis does not generally produce oceans of anything as foul or putrid as the propaganda would some times suggest. As you have been cut, your body will produce less fluid anyhow, so an over-abundance is unlikely. If you are a person who still produces a certain amount of lubrication or has a tendency to become wet, you may experience a small incr ease. Ordinary bathing is sufficient to keep yourself totally hygienic.

Q.  What if my partner doesn’t like an uncut penis?

A. Tough! It’s your body! It is hardly surprising that they may require educating  after all, we are all ignorant until we know the facts.

Q. Are some men reluctant to talk about it?

A. There are many reasons why this subject has been c onsidered taboo in the past and old attitudes may prevail in some quarters. This is why so many men today remain unaware of many of the issues regarding these processes. Happily, attitudes are changing and I am delighted at the generally positive reaction it receives from men of all ages.