How To Enhance Breasts With Oil Massage

I want to tell you how you can enlarge your breast size doing breast massage with oil. I use a certain kind of oil, and it is made of different oils and herbs that are actually used in breast enlargement supplements. But this is obviously something that you use topically. So it is not only beneficial in enlarging your breasts but it is also good for your skin because it makes it nice and soft.

I am going to show you how you can do the breast massage. You can use the oil, or you can just use lotion or whatever you want. But in my opinion it would e beneficial to you something that actually helps to speed the process along.

Now I want to tell you the exact technique that you are going to be using to massage your boobs in order to get larger breasts. You have to do this for at least one month. You have to do it every single day; you have to do it in the morning and at night time. If you skip then obviously, it is going to take longer in order to get to where you are. But if you do it for one month straight, within one or two months some people can notice the change like one full cup size that they get increased. So it well worth it, if you can stick to it. It is not hard; it is just massaging so I/m sure everybody can do it.


The first thing that you should do is you need to take your breast oil, and you should rub it in your hands really well. Then you should do three different motions. You should do 100 of each. So the first one that you should do is a circular motion, which is going to last for two seconds for each circle. You should start at the ends and you should going inwards and then back out again. So that it is going to be one full motion, from one second to two seconds. So one motion and that is something that you can do 100 times.

Also, another thing that people tend to do is that they push down on their breasts, so you obviously don;t want long breasts. You shouldn’t push down on them. Just do it firmly, sort of push them into your body not exactly too hard. But it is not like you are going downwards either. So you are going inwards but you are just not pushing down on them.