If You Have Benn Circumcised, You Have Lost…

A highly specialised piece of tissue, the size of a postcard in the average adult- or nearly two thirds of your total penile skin!


  • It contained- several hundred nerve endings and 280 feet of nerve tissue!
  • Stretch receptors!
  • Hundreds of feet of blood vessels and capillaries!
  • Direct linkage with receptors in the brain, (which no lon ger function.)
  • The skin on your glans, (head of your penis) has dulled in sensation and keratinized or thickened considerably also causing loss of the mucasol membranes.
  • Your sensual sensations have been diminished by about 60%!
  • Very few circumcised men understand the mechanics of what they have lost, but even fewer realise they have lost so much!
  • If cut men realised what they were missing they would storm the hospitals and put a stop to the practice of circumcision!

A natural mechanism designed
to slide against itself, thereby
producing sensual sensations
and prevent friction during sex!

This mechanism equates to
nearly 2/3rds of a man’s
sensory sexual system!

 circ-uncirc-2 Circumcised

Hardened skin, now keratinised,
relies heavily on outside

Its removal results in a direct
loss of an equivalent amount of
sexual pleasure!

You will never get back everything you have lost but the good news is that you can recover a significant amount and experience greatly enhanced sexual sensitivity and enjoyment!

The Mechanics of the Foreskin: In its natural state, the penis responds to stimulation coming from the several hundred nerve ends, which are in the foreskin. Far more complex than ordinary skin, this tissue richly enhances a man’s sexual function. When one is circumcised, the tissue is not only lost, but its absence directly affects the head of the glans as well. Little wonder the mans degree of sexual enjoyment is also seriously diminished!

The glans or head of the penis is highly sensitive in the uncut man. It acts as a mucosal membrane and inside the sheath of the foreskin it remains snug and protected. When the foreskin is remo ved, it also goes through trauma and changes. The skin on the glans thickens to protect itself against the friction of clothing and desensitises- causing further loss of sensory stimulation. The loss of this natural mechanism greatly reduces the sexual response in men and although it can never be fully restored, it is quite amazing at just how much can be regained by non surgical foreskin restoration! It is also fascinating to experience how well the body itself, seems to respond to the procedure.