The 3 Secrets That Circumcised Men Don’t Know


Very few circumcised men know or understand how a penis in its natural state works. They usually think that a foreskin is just a useless piece of skin and its removal is a hygienic necessity! We now know t hat medically speaking there are few cases where circumcision is necessary and the reasons most often quoted for it, have been discredited!


Very few circumcised men realise that their sexual enjoyment has been dealt a devastating blow with the removal of the foreskin and that they no longer enjoy full sexual sensat ion.In fact, the loss is usually equated by those who have been “both sides of the fence” to a loss of at least 60% !

This already dulled sensation may lead to problems with erect ions in later life as further sensation is lost in the circumcised penis. It is interesting to note the numbers of men’s sexual health clinics opening up in recent years and it has been reported that most attendees are circumcised men!


Thanks to a simple process kn own as Foreskin Restoration, it is possible for a cut man to re-grow a perfectly natural looking foreskin, without surgery! Although it is impossible to recapture everything that was lost, what is surprising is that much of the lost sensuality can be regained and sensitivity dramatically enhanced. Men who have already restored describe the difference as “each thrust being equal to the former orgasm.”  The process can take some time to complete, but the results can s tart to become noticeable within a matter of weeks!