The Art Of Foreskin Restoration

This is achieved when over time, the skin is pulled forward or lightly stretched over the head of the penis. Often referred to as a stretching process, it is the constant light tension on the skin that encourages the growth of new skin cells over time. Medics call such a process, “skin expansion” and it is frequently used in Plastic Surgery.   It is quite safe for most men and result s are usually evident quite quickly. Most men report an improvement in sensitivity and pleasure that they previously had not thought possible! It is frequently claimed that the improvement eventually equates to each thrust being almost equal to their prev ious orgasm!

Methods: There are several recognised ways of restoring. From weights, and o rings to a variety of tape methods. Every method has it benefits but by far the most popular, is thetape and strap method. As the speed of results entirely depends on the amount of time one spends “under tension” t he tape and strap technique seems to leave every othermethod, way behind! With this method, a mechanism made of surgical tape is wrapped around the shaft of the penis and gently pulled forward under tension. The tension is applied by attach ing the tape to an elastic strap, which is anchored to one’s underclothing. It is comfortable and easy to wear with a minimal amount of adjustment necessary, (such as when the wearer needs to urinate).

Cones and o-rings require an enormous amount of time and constant attention, including total removal every time one wants to urinate. The results also seem to be less fast. The weight methods work well enough but they are difficult to wear and the danger that they will come loose and fall off at an inopportune time is a frequently reported occurrence.


So Lyndon wore his new weight to the company ball…

Fast Results: Taping methods, although similar, can vary. Speedy Restore Tape System is the kit which I have developed after much experimentation, to give the restorer the best methods and technique. This means easier, faster results!

The Length of Time It Takes: Restoration time varies from individual to individual depending on age and how much coverage the person wants. Obviously it also depends on the technique the restorer uses. Some methods can take up to two years or more, but by employing these better techniques the time can be halved!

Although this may seem a long time, the benefits are substantial and as the changes do tend to start e arly, it is very worthwhile! There are many who would say that if it took twice as long to accomplish, it would still be worthwhile!

Is It Safe?:  For most men the answer is certainly, yes! For those unlucky enough to suffer the following: circulatory disorders, bleeding, hypoglycemia, peyronies, keloid growers, the procedure m ay not be suitable and of course it is recommended that everyone should check with their doctor first, to ensure they can proceed safely. It is also, possible that those who have ultra sensitive skin, may experience an allergic reacti on to tape.

Please do not assume that your doctor knows about this procedure. Whilst many do, there are some who have yet to be made aware of it, so consulting a doctor will at least make him or her, aware of the method, and may in turn, result in them recommending it, to help others. If the doctor is negative about the process for reasons other than a specific medical problem, you should go to another doctor. One has to remember that while thousands of men have now completed this procedure quite safely and there are thousands of men restoring right now, it is still a relatively new practice and many have yet to hear of it. It’s true to say that today there are a growing number of men and a number of men growing!

Age Limits: There are no age barriers to restoration. Evidence seems to suggest that the younger a person is, the faster the results can be, but there are men restoring from all age groups. There is not a person too old or too young to enjoy natural healthy sexual function, so age is immaterial!

Sexual problems: We are witnessing the rise of a new “growth industry”- men’s sexualhealth clinics. As more and more men in a middle to senior age bracket s experience problems with erections, it is interesting to note that reportedly, there are proportionally far more cut men attending men’s clinics with problems, than uncut men! As many of these problems seem to be directly linked to lack of sensitivity, causing erection loss etc, could it be that we are now seeing evidence of a legacy from the “blanket circumcision policies” of the past?

Uncircumcising, as the procedure i s also called, may help some who are experiencing some sexual difficulties. As many restored men report such a re- awakening of their sensual capabilities, improved sexual function often follows. This should not be surprising, as any increase in sensitivi ty can only assist healthy function.

What Changes One Can Expect: From the early stages of restoration, it is usual to no tice heightened sensitivity in the glans, (head of the penis.) The colour may also change towards a lighter pinky colour and with the new sensitivity there is often a tendency for the penis to pull inwards toward the body, as if it knows the glans wishes to be covered. As the skin grows, everything seems to adjust to the new coverage and there will be less of a tendency, of the glans, to “hide.” For many, this is a strange but wonderful sensation in itself! From this time there is a g eneral “brightness” which starts to reappear at the top end of the penis.

This sensation during sex, changes sufficiently for many to express surprise and wonderment that suc h a thing was possible!

Men who have formerly used lubricants to masturbate, may decide they are no longer necessary as the new sensation can produce a very powerful orgasm as well as prod ucing a new experience- a feeling of wholeness.

When Does One Stop Restoring? This is purely a matter of individual choi ce and naturally one can stop at anytime. Some want partial coverage and others want more. Funnily enough, I have never heard a person saying they’ve got too much and in fact once begun, it seems quite normal for most to say they want to go for complete c overage.


But Bill when you said you were going for full coverage, I had no idea…

Choice: The decision to restore or not, rests with you- its your body! You were born whole but as a resul t of a decision being made for you without your choice, you had a large part of what is probably the most amazing gift and experience in life, taken away! The arguments for circumcision, are being increasingly recognised as fallacious and lacking m edical fact! We now know, it is little more than a direct confiscation of a man’s sexual stimulus and enjoyment!

Foreskin Restoration, is not a kook idea for extremists, but a process that corrects a kookaction! If for any reason, a man wants to put back what was taken away from him, he has the right to do so! Any reason is valid!

If your interest has been “sparked” by these pages, then perhaps you could consider restoring, but I must warn you – like most good things, it does take a certain amount of commitment to achieve. For those who want to take the trouble, the rewards can be considerab le!

Partners: Most men report a positive and supportive response from partners, particularly when the process is properly e xplained to them. While it is good to have their understanding, no one has the right to deny you your unalienable right to be whole again, if that is your wish! Naturally partners are benefactors too and the fact of having more tostimula te in foreplay as well as having increased stimulation, less friction and dryness to contend with during sex, makes it a shared bonus! 

The most important thing for any one of us, is to be happy with ourselves, because restored or not, we will still be the same people. It is however, a very worthwhile option for any circumcised man who would like to grea tly enhance his sensitivity and sexual pleasure!